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April 14, 2016

NLRB General Counsel Out of Control

The Nation Labor Relations Board General Counsel Richard F. Griffin Jr. released a paper highlighting the target areas he thinks the NLRB needs to change. His anti-businesses stance once again rears its ugly head.

  • As in the Purple Communications cases, Richard feels the employers should not be able to bar employees from using company email for personal reasons including union organizations.
  • Wants the applicability of Weingarten principles in nonunionized settings,
  • And, alleges that “English Only” policies violate the NRLB.

Want more to hear more nonsense? Richard feels the “absence of clear precedent” should translate to the NRLB having final authority to interpret the law in the manner that best suits NRLB’s agenda. In particular Richard wants:

  • Cases reviewed involving the rights of contractor employees to have access to property where they are working to communicate with co-workers or anyone else;
  • He thinks novel forms of disruptive conduct, such as excessive use of loudspeakers, or corporate campaigns, constitute violations of the NLRB;
  • and, mandate local, state, or federal statutes or where potential or actual overlapping jurisdiction with other federal agencies exists, allow the NRLB the overriding authority.

Hopefully, at some point, the government will return to the people and sanity will prevail. However, this type of every increasing dribble makes it appear highly doubtful.