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May 2, 2017

Google getting into the Job Board Business?

While Google is not saying much, it appears they are testing the waters with thoughts of entering the Job Board Business – think Indeed, Monster, Careerbuilders. If Google does enter this market, what will this mean to companies vying for job seekers? What will this likely mean for job seekers? What will this mean for other job board vendors?

For companies trying to attract job seekers, it will mean free job listings for a while.  In a few test markets, Google is currently scraping job sites for listings much like other startup boards did in the beginning. At some point however, look for some sort of pay-to-list, or a pay-for-favorable position models to surface.  So as far as change for business, probably not much different than it is now.

Job seekers will also likely not realize any real change to the process unless something revolutionary is developed by Google which is doubtful. With job seekers, branding will be the challenge for Google. Job seekers must start to associate Google’s job board with job opportunities before they start using it.

The biggest challenge could come to companies like Indeed and Monster. How do you fight Google? Google has the resources to be the gorilla in the market and the search engine to make it happen. Most companies feel Indeed and Monster are very expense listing options and Google would likely be a somewhat cheaper option. This could be interesting.

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